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Who We Are

Egamea is a game development studio operating from Cape Town South-Africa. Since being founded in 2013 we have have grown into a fully fledged game studio with 25 developers and artists. We develop games on contract for third parties and publishers. We also develop in-house games as well as tools and art assets for use by game developers. Our design style range from more dynamic off-road games with a heavy focus on terrains, to pixel perfect toon styled games. We have a wide range of skillsets in the office and we support all the major and emerging technologies. Our aim is to become an industry leader while providing a fulfilled life experience to our employees.

Customer testimonials:

They have done a great job. They deliver quality, great communication and have the skillsets to cover any new technology requirements in the mobile industry. Highly recommended!

Excellent subject matter expertise which produced an outstanding final product. We've working with them several times and they always produce an excellent result. Highly recommended if you are looking to get a mobile game developed.

They have done an excellent job for us on several occasions. This was a port of one of our unity games to windows, and they completed the project on schedule and within budget. Very prompt with communication, and will ensure your project is delivered on time. We highly recommend this studio.

This studio designed a 3D 4x4 game for us and this project was to port the game to Windows phone and Amazon. They delivered the project according to the plan after resolving a few bugs with Unity. We've worked with them in the past, they are very prompt with email, professional, and I would highly recommend him to develop your 3D Unity games.

Helpful, collaborative & extremely knowledgeable on the subject. First rate!


Jake Tellestio


Jake-Tellestio1 About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Jake consults with clients to establish and maintain development contracts. He also manages the staff contingent and provides logistic and back office support for the team. With more than 20 years of programming experience Jake assists as technical manager and consultant to ensure the quality of the work provided.

Stephen Clarke

Lead Programmer

Stephen-Clarke About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Steve is involved in the majority of our projects as a consultant, project manager and senior coder. With 18 years programming experience in multiple programming languages and technologies, Steve is an all-rounder, capable of establishing the baseline for new projects and quickly adopting new technologies. As a senior, he drives and assists our coders across a range of disciplines.

Matthew Kallis

Senior Programmer

Matthew-Kallis About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Matthew is a specialist C# programmer focusing on design and implementation of longer term projects. As a perfectionist, he focuses on the entire lifecycle of projects and ensures an on time delivery that meets the required scope. As a senior, he guides and trains our programmers towards impeccable quality standards.

Tristan Grove

Art Lead

Tristan-Grove-1 About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

As a motivated 3D artist, an enthusiastic 3D animator and rigger, Tristan devotes all his attention to creating natural animation with easy to use character rigs. With experience in both conventional animation, as well as motion capture, Tristan is able to create realistic animation, which can be generalized and used for many different humanoid characters. He leads, supports and assists our artists to reach their full potential.

Alexio Stramrood

Project Manager

Alexio-Stramrood-1 About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Alexio streamlines the production process with efficient project management in order to improve production and keep projects within scope. She coordinates and implements office procedures in order to assist 3D artists and skilled programmers in achieving their utmost potential.

Wickus Esterhuizen

Senior Programmer

Wickus-Esterhuizen About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

As a programmer, Wickus works closely with the technical aspects of producing 3D applications and simulators by converting project requirements into code. Wickus is an expert at user interface design, memory footprint reduction, algorithmic performance optimization and general code implementation and bug fixing.

Kearan Petersen


Kearan-Petersen About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

As a programmer, Kearan enjoys creating robust automation systems to help team workflow and improve productivity. He has experience in backend system design, front end UI implementation, optimization, debugging and quality assurance. He has an excellent knowledge of gaming trends and fields. 

Ariefa Parker

3D Artist

Ariefa-Parker About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Ariefa is an innovative 3D artist with experience in low poly modeling and texturing for games. She composes visual elements with accuracy as per specifications. Her focus is on achieving realism, since this is an integral part of creating simulations. She is able to address multiple projects with full attention to detail and quality.

Willouw Louw


Willouw About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Willouw is an ambitious and meticulous compliment to the team. He integrates logical thinking and creativity in his work. Willouw has a passion for game development and his good people skills adds positive energy and enthusiasm to the workplace.

Jonathan Brown

3D Artist

Jonathan-Brown About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Jonathan has a wide variety of skills involving 3D development. He is capable of 3D modeling, rigging, animation and performing the necessary procedures to import assets into the Unity engine. Jonathan also has a great understanding of the Unity engine, which means he is able to assist in the development process of the projects. He works steadily and efficiently to ensure that his workflow is incremental and of high quality.

Jenny Grobbelaar

3D Artist

Jenny-Grobbelaar About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

As a skilled 3D artist Jenny is able to ensure users connect with the software through her unique use of color palettes, textures and styles. She is adept at working independently and as part of a larger artistic team. Her artistic success can be attributed to her thorough knowledge of the industry.

Nadine Kaiser

3D Artist

Nadine-Kaiser About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Nadine comes from a background in Advertising as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. She has worked on various brands, fulfilling briefs for both digital and print media. As part of her experience, she worked within the Art Department for a small 2D Animation Studio. Thereafter, she explored 2D projects in Animation. As the technology progressed, her passion grew to include the disciplines of 3D design. Her strength lies in 3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting. Her varied experience and love of design has won her exciting opportunities in the Advertising and Production industries.

Keagan Fransch

Technical Assistant


Keagan-Fransch About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Keagan supports the backbone of our IT infrastructure by providing hardware and network support. He researches and implements new technologies that enhances our competitiveness in the industry. Additionally, he provides QA and Motion capture support to the development team.

Garry Botha

3D Artist

Garry-Botha About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Garry is a young and dedicated 3D artist with a focus on creating optimized 3D models for use in game engines. He is versed in a variety of 3D modelling and texturing programs and as a result is considerably flexible in his approach to modelling and texturing.

Grant Littlefield


Grant About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

With more than 5 years of experience in programming using Java, Visual Basic, Javascript and C# Grant is a good all rounder able to handle complex technologies such as realtime mesh deformation and hololens development. He has a passion for the industry and technologies used.

Tess McGraw

3D Artist

Tess-McGraw-1 About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

With a deep-seated love for art and creativity, Tess is dedicated to bringing accuracy and attention to detail to her work, with a focus on modelling and animation. She aims to create realistic and graceful assets and animations in order to bring high quality outcomes to everything she works on.


Marcus Smit

3D Artist

Marcus-Smit About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

A relative newcomer to the 3D scene, Marcus nonetheless prides himself on fast, efficient work, ensuring that 3D models are optimized as per client instructions. He always ensures that he is up to date with the latest trends in technology and software. His strengths are critical thinking and innovation.

Nadia de Klerk

3D Artist

Nadia-de-Klerk About Us | Video game developer | 3d Game Developer

Nadia is equally comfortable in 3D, Graphic & Multimedia Design. She is first and foremost a qualified and experienced graphic designer. Nadia has a keen eye for detail, which was honed by the advertising industry’s demand for perfection. She excels in combining 3D and design, especially in texturing. She knows how to apply a consistent look and feel to her work.

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