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 Who We Are

Egamea is a game development studio operating from Cape Town South-Africa. Since being founded in 2013 we have have grown into a fully fledged game studio with 25 developers and artists. We develop games on contract for third parties and publishers. We also develop in-house games as well as tools and art assets for use by game developers. Our design style range from more dynamic off-road games with a heavy focus on terrains, to pixel perfect toon styled games. We have a wide range of skillsets in the office and we support all the major and emerging technologies. Our aim is to become an industry leader while providing a fulfilled life experience to our employees.

Customer testimonials:

They have done a great job. They deliver quality, great communication and have the skillsets to cover any new technology requirements in the mobile industry. Highly recommended!

Excellent subject matter expertise which produced an outstanding final product. We've working with them several times and they always produce an excellent result. Highly recommended if you are looking to get a mobile game developed.

They have done an excellent job for us on several occasions. This was a port of one of our unity games to windows, and they completed the project on schedule and within budget. Very prompt with communication, and will ensure your project is delivered on time. We highly recommend this studio.

This studio designed a 3D 4x4 game for us and this project was to port the game to Windows phone and Amazon. They delivered the project according to the plan after resolving a few bugs with Unity. We've worked with them in the past, they are very prompt with email, professional, and I would highly recommend him to develop your 3D Unity games.

Helpful, collaborative & extremely knowledgeable on the subject. First rate!

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